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Rail Serviced Opportunities

Providing Rail and Transload Services

Side Group Rail consists of the Grande Prairie Regional Logistics Park, Rycroft Reload, and GP Reload which provide and offer material handling and distribution, cross-dock, transload and warehousing for a wide variety of industries including agriculture, forestry, oil, and gas. We also provide services for bulk commodity handling for domestic and export markets. 


 GPR Logistics Park    GPRLP

 Grande Prairie Regional Logistics Park

The first phase of what will be the largest multi-user, multi-modal, rail yard north of Edmonton opened November 1, 2014. This Park will offer material handling & distribution, cross-dock, trans-load and warehousing for a wide variety of industries including agriculture, forestry, oil, and gas as well as bulk commodity handling for domestic and export markets.

For more Information regarding opportunities at GPRLP, please contact Rhonda at 780-513-6095

  • Press Release November 1, 2014                                                                                                                                                    

      Rycroft Reload

 Rycroft Reload

This property is 3 miles East of Highway 2, 1/2 mile off Highway 49. It is a 200-acre parcel and is rural industrial zoning. The site is strategically located for ease of access to both Duverney and Montney plays. It has almost a full mile of CN mainline on the North border of the land and 6 days a week CN service.

GP Reload     GP Reload
GP Reload
GP Reload specializes in providing fully integrated transload solutions for products in the forestry, oil and gas industries.With 20 years of industry experience, GP Reload continues to facilitate and provide innovative and customized transportation solutions to meet any business need. From truck to rail and rail to truck, customers can expect efficient transportation of bulk goods through the company’s network of facilities across Northern Alberta.

 As a full-service transload facility our integrated services include: 

  • Cross Dock
  • Inbound and outbound rail transloading
  • Blocking and bracing of containers and specialty loads
  • Inventory storage
  • Quality control    

Gold Creek Reload
Gold Creek
Gold Creek is situated in the heart of the oil and gas action!  32 km South of Grande Prairie this rail yard is open to multiple users receiving, storing, or staging any number of products in support of industry operations.  From drilling and fracking to pipeline and facility construction.
  • 160-acre parcel
  • Year round access by Provincial Highway 40 on the Canfor Road
  • CN Rail serviced
  • Ready for build to suit rail serviced sites
  • Unit train capacity
  • 400 man camp currently under construction
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