DEVCO Developments

We thoroughly embrace the employment of sustainable design and construction principles in creating a building and work environment that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and enhances productivity. It is of paramount importance that a building functions at a high level of efficiency in order to minimize operating costs: an issue building owners and occupants can no longer afford to compromise on. We have, to that end, incorporated many of the principles of both the L.E.E.D. and "Built Green" programs into all of our more recent projects, in particular our West Side Business Centre. Some of the strategies incorporated have been the use of higher efficiency wall and roof assemblies, triple glazed window and door units, and renewable building materials. Use of current high efficiency HVAC design along with operable exterior windows in many work areas have also proven themselves to go a long way toward maintaining a comfortable work environment and to be both efficient and cost effective in the buildings.

We believe that environmentally responsible design and construction is vital for all projects, and our experience shows the premium often associated with construction of a "green" building can be mitigated substantially with proper consideration being paid from the outset of a project to such things as site selection, building orientation, and integration of the most appropriate green construction techniques and technologies, while still being able to meet budget requirements.